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The purpose of the Inter-Institutional Postgraduate Course (IIPGC) "Oceanography and Management of the Marine Environment" is to provide high level postgraduate education in this scientific field.

The minimum study length in the IIPGC for the acquirement of the MSc Oceanography and Management of the Marine Environment Degree is set at 4 academic semesters, including the necessary time to perform the diploma thesis. To acquire the MSc Degree, a total of one hundred and twenty (120) credits (ECTS) are required, following a distribution pattern of 30 ECTS per semester.

During this course, postgraduate students are required to attend and successfully undertake modules (assessed through written examinations, essays, laboratory exercises and oral presentations) conduct research work and write scientific papers, as well as perform a diploma thesis. Teaching incorporates live classes, lectures, scientific conferences and symposia, as well as practical training. In addition, during their studies, Postgraduate Students attend a series of Seminars and Lectures with no credits.

Postgraduate Students attend common compulsory modules during the first semester, whereas during the second semester they can select among the provided modules as many as necessary in order to gather 30 ECTS, whose content is related to the subject of the Diploma Thesis they wish to elaborate.

In the third semester, the Postgraduate Students attend the compulsory module Management of the Marine Environment and begin their Diploma Thesis. During the fourth semester, Postgraduate Students complete their Diploma Thesis.


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